Making Memories Of Shirak

The Harichavank is 7th century Armenian monastery located near the village of Harich in the Shirak Province of Armenia. The village is 3 km southeast of the town of Artik, of Gyumri 34,6 km
Visit Harichavank and enjoy ancient Armenian Architecture

Ancient Heritages In Shirak

Shirak region can really surprise and present itself as a different and unique historical area. Not only wonderful and beautiful structures were built here from tuff, but they are also among our ancient heritages that have reached our days, standing out with their originality and features.

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Start Point :

Destination 1 :
Harichavank Monastery

When you first pull up to the site, you will just see outer buildings. These were built around 1850 when the Katholikos of  Echmiadzin  made Harichavank his summer residence.

Destination 2 :

Then you’ll see Artik. It is one of the oldest residences in Armenia. The town has mountainous relief and is rich in mineral springs. Enjoy its natural beauty!

Destination 3 :

Then you’ll go to Lmbatavank Monastery situated to the south-west from Artik town of the Shirak Province of Armenia. There are no extant inscriptions concerning the date when the monastery was founded. According to the archeological analysis it was erected in the VI-VII centuries. The church, built of smooth-hewn tufa stone, is a small cross- dome building with octagonal drum. Pedestal of khachkars (cross-stones), graves of IX-X centuries and fragments of roofing tiles (initially the roof of the church was covered with tiles) were found during excavations. In 1955-1956 the walls, the roof and the dome of St. Stepanos church were reconstructed.

Lmbatavank is located 1.5-2 km south-west of the Artik of Gyumri 34,6 km


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Making Memories Of Shirak
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