Gyumri Art & Culture Tour

Artists see things that art historians and other art professionals simply won’t see. You get inside the process of art making when you visit galleries with artists. It meditative and fun. Art galleries often restore this great sense of calm and wholeness.

Galleries In Shirak

You can visit:
“The Gallery of Mariam and Eranuhi Aslamazyan Sisters” is one of the unique
galleries in the Republic of Armenia, where is found the complete collection of
the painting, graphic, ceramic works. The gallery has been working since 1987.
In the gallery is preserved nearly 620 original works presented by the sisters.
The gallery is located in the center of Gyumri. 10 minutes walk from the
mentioned restaurants.
Take a walk and admire Kumayri Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve, is the oldest part of
Gyumri with its own unique architecture.

Trip Highlights

  • Walking Tour
  • Museum Visit
  • Culture Tour
Start Point :

It was founded in 1984 in the Dzitoghtsyan family house. The famous house of Dzitoghtsyan family was built in 1872 by 4 brothers who migrated from the Western Armenian village of Dzitogh, to the city of Alexandropol. It is built with the famous red and black tuff stone of Shirak. The museum, exhibits a collection of the Alexandropol social life characteristics, from the 19th century up to the 1920s. It also features the cultural, architectural and religious aspects of the city. Exhibits gives perfect impression of the traditional trade and crafts with artefacts and displays focused on early urban life, including woodworking, embroidery, tinwork, silversmithing are well-presented. Wonderful place with great atmosphere.
You can enter the house museum without knowing anything about Gyumri and come out with a complete picture of this beautiful city.

1 hour

There are certain things and places in Gyumri that are considered to be /or to be called/ “the first” – the first University, the first Theatre, the first Hairdressers”…
In recent years, one more “first” place has been added to the list- the first Bakery of French Sweets – “Little Sweets”.
Here you are sure to come across various innovative subtleties and delicate new solutions to old problems in the field of modern confectionery art – cakes with various decorations, mousse cookies, desserts for buffets, macaroons, illustrated cookies and themed sweet gift boxes.
Here you will not only enjoy delicious desserts, but also buy themed sweet gift boxes for your loved

30-40 minutes

Walking through the old streets of the city, you will admire the folk architecture of Gyumri. You can visit the Hovhannes Shiraz House-museum in Varpetats Street. The Hovhannes Shiraz House Museum is located in Varpetats Street, Gyumri, Shirak Province, Armenia. Was founded in 1983 in the Kumayri historic district of Gyumri and opened in 2003. Here are parts of his life, such as the home furnishings, pictures of his mother and shown by him and then also various books he has written. There is a very beautiful garden where you can sit and have a rest.

1 hour
Destination 4 :
Mkrtchyan Image Studio

Mkrtchyan Image Studio, where there are more than 80 Armenian costume dolls, which were created after many researches. They are not modeled և each represents a specific era, province. There are other handicrafts, l antiques, objects. They are happy your visit . You can enjoy a cup of coffee և listen to interesting stories. You can also buy unique souvenirs.

1 hour


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