Tours to Armenia 2024: Discover the Top 10 Attractions of Dilijan and Its Environs

Historian Grigor Pahlavuni once remarked about Dilijan, “If God wishes to visit Armenia, I will bring Him here, for in Dilijan, people do not age.” Nestled in the Tavush region, this picturesque town lies within a gorge along the Aghstev River, surrounded by lush coniferous forests. Often referred to as the “Armenian Switzerland,” Dilijan is celebrated for its rejuvenating air. With over 30 sanatoriums, numerous historical monuments, museums, and monasteries, Dilijan is a hub of natural beauty and cultural heritage. The town offers a mix of warm winters and cool summers, complemented by its carbon-dioxide-rich hot springs, akin to those in Borjomi, Georgia, and Vichy, France.

Tour to Dilijan

1. The Heart of Dilijan
The central area of Dilijan is on the right bank of the Aghstev River, featuring a blend of large residential zones and robust infrastructure. The old town section has been meticulously restored and awaits tourists with its historical buildings. Here, you can experience the traditional lifestyle of the ancient inhabitants alongside modern conveniences like artisan shops, bakeries, cafes, and souvenir stores.

2. Relaxation and Recreation
On the left bank of the Aghstev River lies a leisure zone where hotels, boarding houses, and more sanatoriums can be found. Regardless of where you are in Dilijan, you are guaranteed stunning views of majestic mountains and dense coniferous forests. Notably, Dilijan is one of Armenia’s premier tourist destinations, offering luxurious accommodations and a unique local charm.

3. Exploring Nature and Culture
Dilijan Nature Reserve and nearby lakes offer breathtaking landscapes. Noteworthy cultural sites include the Haghartsin, Sevanavan, and Goshavank monasteries, which provide insights into the spiritual foundation of Armenian culture. For those seeking inspiration or wellness, a trip to Dilijan is highly recommended.

Five Reasons to Visit Dilijan

Tour to Dilijan

Nature: Dilijan’s trails, established in 2017, offer safe and scenic hiking experiences through vibrant landscapes, leading to landmarks like Juhtakvank and Matosavank Monasteries.

Armenian Cuisine: Enjoy authentic Armenian dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. Highlights include Kcuch and Dolmama restaurants for traditional and high Armenian cuisine, and Aikanush restaurant for a 19th-century dining experience.

Unique Culture: Immerse yourself in Dilijan’s cultural blend of old and new at its historical center, museums, and art galleries.

Mineral Springs: Located a short drive from Yerevan, the mineral springs of Dilijan are renowned for their therapeutic properties, akin to famous European counterparts.

Healing Air: Known for its pine-scented air, Dilijan is an ideal destination for those looking to rejuvenate their health and spirits.

What to See in Dilijan

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Goshavank Monastery and Lake Gosh: Explore the historical and peaceful monastery complex, and enjoy the serene lake nearby.
Dilijan National Park and Lake Parz: Visit for stunning landscapes and cultural monuments, including the beautifully clear Lake Parz.
Haghartsin Monastery: Discover this architectural marvel set amidst dense forests.
Additional Sites: Juhtak Monastery, the newly built amphitheater, and Sharambeyan Street’s artisan scene are must-visits.
Dilijan promises a rich mix of natural beauty, historical depth, and cultural vibrancy. Whether you are looking to explore ancient sites or simply relax in nature, booking a tour to Dilijan, Armenia, will undoubtedly fulfill your desires.

Source: “AMTRAVEL”- Armenian Tour Operator

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