Festivals In Tavush

Festivals reveal the country and its potential from all sides, including culture, cuisine, crafts, nature, customs, traditions.

Armenian festivals are very diverse, they are aimed at presenting and promoting the region where they are held. Various festivals are organized in Tavush. They are waiting for extreme lovers in Yenoqavan (“Yell Extreme” festival, “Haybuys” festival), lovers of arts and crafts in Dilijan, as well as those who appreciate the national cuisine (GASTROFEST festival). They should definitely visit Berd (Honey and Berries Festival), those who prefer Armenian fruit will take part in the tasting in Berd (“Septemberfest” festival). The festivals aim to develop the potential of the region, tourism, business environment.

Arts and Crafts Festival

This festival is held in Dilijan, a city of arts and crafts. This pan-Armenian traditional festival is a unified platform for displaying unique works of Armenian carpet weaving, pottery, blacksmithing, woodwork, embroidery, puppetry, jewelry, and fine arts. It is aimed at the promotion and development of traditional Armenian crafts.

The creators and skilled masters of all regions of Armenia and Artsakh present their works, which have been brought to the level of art. The works of traditional and modern Armenian culture are combined in the festival. There is also an exhibition-sale of souvenirs, jewelry, paintings, tapestries, dolls in Armenian costumes, carpets. The participants of the festival can take part in pottery, woodwork, and other master classes. The pavilions representing the regions of Armenia introduce the participants of the festival to their cuisine, organize a reception and a sale. The happy and warm atmosphere of the event is provided by the national music and the concert. The festival is held in September.

Yell Extreme Festival

The festival is held in Yell Extreme Park in Yenoqavan. This place is a corner of the wonderful nature of Tavush, in the lap of forested mountains, which unites those who prefer adventure and active rest.

Yell Extreme Park attracts extreme fans with its interesting and varied offers. The participants of the festival will have the opportunity to admire the Armenian highlands from the “bird’s height” – paragliding, horseback riding, participating in hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, “overcoming” the gorges with a zipline. The festival is held in July.


The festival is held in Yenoqavan. Many participants come with their pavilions both from the regions of Armenia and Artsakh. Here are presented handicrafts, ointments made from plants, oils, teas, etc.

The visitors of the festival get acquainted with various Armenian herbs, which are used in food, medicine, cosmetics, their collection, storage and use. Tea party made from Tavush plants, educational games dedicated to forest recognition, competitions, master classes are organized. All this is accompanied by music. The festival has been held since June 2015.

Honey and Berries Festival

The festival is held in Berd, is aimed at the promotion of beekeeping and the development of agriculture in Tavush region.

The region rich in berries will not leave indifferent those festival participants who appreciate these ecologically clean and delicious fruits. The tasting-sale of honey և berries is accompanied by music, a concert, a display-sale of handicrafts. The festival has been held since August 2008.


The festival is held in Dilijan. Armenian wine and food companies present their products to the festival participants. And many restaurants, cafes, pubs offer their dishes and drinks.

The festival is, in fact, a gastronomic fair, which is aimed at promoting the production of food, beverages, restoration of culinary traditions in the region. Accompanied by live music, culinary master classes, competitions, national dance classes are held. The festival was first held in May, 2022.


The festival is held in Koghb. This is a fruit festival, which aims to promote Armenian production, pave the way for Armenian producers to foreign markets.

The festival is attended by well-known Armenian companies in the field, which display the fruits they produce: hornbeam, mulberry, plum, peach, wild pear, pomegranate, etc. The process of distilling vodka is also shown. Septemberfest gives an opportunity to get acquainted with almost all types of fruit juice in one place, to taste them, to taste traditional Tavush dishes, to establish business relations. The festival is accompanied by a concert, an exhibition-sale of handicrafts by local masters, and competitions. The festival has been held in September, since 2019.

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