Celebrate New Year In Armenia: 5 Unmissable Reasons

Celebrate New Year In Armenia: 5 Unmissable Reasons

New year in ArmeniaAs the year draws to a close, it’s time to plan the perfect New Year vacation. With numerous options available, we’ve chosen to ring in the New Year in Armenia. This decision is influenced by various factors, including the winter weather, unique leisure activities, guided tours, and the distinctive Armenian cuisine. Before delving into the 5 compelling reasons to spend New Year in Armenia, let’s explore the history and traditions that surround this festive time in the country.

New year in ArmeniaHistory

Armenians have celebrated the New Year since ancient times, known by various names such as Navasard, Taremut, Tareglukh, Kaghand, Lole, and simply New Year. Originally celebrated in spring on the 21st of March, the Armenians associated the success of the upcoming year with the awakening of spring. Over time, due to calendar changes, the New Year was moved to Navasard 1, August 11. Festivities continued in November, marked by festive parties, group dances, and horse races, ensuring a prosperous year with abundant tables and full bowls.

New Year In The Capital Yerevan

New Year tours to Armenia offer a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the main event of the year while savoring Armenian cuisine and immersing oneself in traditions and history. In Yerevan, pre-holiday preparations begin in early December, transforming the city into a fairy-tale with beautiful lights and decorations. Festive events, including the decoration of the Christmas tree in Republic Square, fill the month of December-January. New Year’s Eve in Yerevan can be enjoyed in Republic Square, a restaurant or pub with festive song and dance, or at home with family and friends in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

New Year CelebrationsArmenian Cuisine

Armenia’s hospitality shines through its cuisine, making it a must-visit for guests. New Year is the perfect time to indulge in traditional Armenian dishes, with dolma taking center stage. The annual “Dolma festival” celebrates this iconic dish, usually served with matsun and crushed garlic. Other popular dishes include specially prepared pork leg, various salads, and unique Armenian beverages such as wine, brandy, and champagne. The diverse assortment of hand-made dried fruits and pastries adds a unique delicacy to the New Year celebration.

Active Recreation

New Year celebrations can be enjoyed both in Yerevan and outside, in places like Jermuk, Tsakhkadzor, and Dilijan. Sports and adventure enthusiasts will appreciate Tsakhkadzor’s ski resorts, offering international-class skiing and snowboarding trails on Mount Teghenis. Dilijan, surrounded by dense natural forests, provides a healing escape with historical and cultural sights. Booking accommodations in advance is crucial for these trendy tourist destinations.

Christmas in ArmeniaChristmas

Following New Year celebrations, the Armenian Apostolic Church observes the Feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ on January 6. Christmas preparations involve special and symbolic dishes, including rice pilaf, homemade gata, and red wine symbolizing the color of Christ’s blood. The celebration extends to January 5, with Tatakhman dinner and candle lighting, creating a festive atmosphere.

New Year and Christmas in ArmeniaExcursion Program

Tour operators offer various options for celebrating New Year and Christmas in Armenia, including visits to famous sights, participation in festive events, and more. Winter holidays in Armenia attract a doubling of guests during this period, prompting travel agencies to develop special excursion programs filled with attractions and celebrations.

For tourists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kyiv, Tbilisi, and other CIS cities, Armenia offers an unforgettable winter vacation with all the necessary conditions for celebrating the New Year and Christmas. Secure your place now to ensure an unforgettable experience, as spaces are limited. We promise to make it truly memorable.

Source: AmTravel – Armenia Travel Company

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