Festivals In Lori

Barbecue, blueberry, edible plants, cheese, rafting festivals are held in Lori.

Annual festivals are held in Lori region, because the geographical position of the region, climatic conditions, cuisine, traditions are very favorable for this. Barbecue festival is held in Akhtala, Blueberry in Margahovit, Edible plants in Dsegh, Cheese in Tashir, Rafting festival in Tumanyan community.

Barbecue festival

The annual Barbecue Festival, which has been held in Akhtala since 2009, is very popular. Those who once participated in this festival can not forget the taste of the barbecue prepared here, its unique aroma soaring in the air. Many foreign tourists come to Armenia to participate in this festival. Russian and Georgian cooks present their cuisines here as well. The annual festival is attended by both professional chefs and people who are amateur declared masters of barbecue.

The festival aims to make this traditional dish of Armenian cuisine more recognizable, to promote the tourism and socio-economic development of the region. The festive mood is provided by pork, beef, lamb, fish, mushroom, vegetable, corn and even fruit barbecues made with various spices.

There are also competitions in the categories of “Best Idea”, “Best Look”, “Best Taste”, exhibition-tasting, games, all of which are accompanied by national music. According to the organizers, the festival is planned to be made international, henceforth to be held on the last Sunday of August every year.

Blueberry Festival

The Blueberry Festival has been held in Margahovit since 2019. It aims to promote and encourage the cultivation of blueberries in the village, ecotourism, tourism, socio-economic development of the village.

The visitors of the festival get acquainted with the blueberry growing process, take part in master classes, environmental games, hiking, and other interesting events. Music and the festive mood complemen the “delicious” festival ceremony – the tasting of juicy and healthy blueberries.

Within the framework of the festival, there is a sale if agricultural products and handicrafts. It should be noted that blueberries grow in a few settlements of Armenia, including Lori forests, at an altitude of 2800-3300 m above sea level.

Edible Plants Festival

The annual Edible Plants Festival has been held in Dsegh village since 2021. It aims to acquaint visitors with the species of plants used as food in Armenia, particularly in the rich flora of Lori region. The festival presents traditional dishes made with edible plants of the region, tasting of these dishes and Armenian traditional games are organized. Music and dance programs give a festive mood.

Within the framework of the festival, foraging tours and master classes are organized, essential oils obtained from different plants are sold. And the “most delicious” pavilions present gata with mint, lavash with various seeds and spices, dolma with sorrel, pumpkin flowers fried with eggs, cutlets seasoned with thyme, cheese, fresh honey juice, salads, etc. It should be noted that almost all types plants of the region are growing in Armenia, of which edible plants are a significant part.

From ancient times the Armenian people have used wild plants in their diet, the traditions of which have survived to the present day. Armenian cuisine stands out with its diversity, especially with the types of plants included in the food. About 300 types of edible herbs are used in the Armenian Highlands, both fresh and cooked or pickled.

Some herbs, traditionally called greens, are used in cooking, such as asparagus, sage, dandelion, lily, nettle, mulberry, out of which hornbeam, and asparagus plants are also used as a salad. Teas of Armenian herbs (thyme, mint, incense, partridge, zivan) have been in great demand in recent years both in Armenia and abroad. And it is not accidental that the Edible Plants Festival is held on June 11 in Lori, which is famous for its lush nature and various vegetation.

Harvest Day

The annual Harvest Festival is held in Lori region in autumn. In this way, the dedicated farmers seem to express their gratitude to the motherland for the abundant harvest they have received, and praise of God for protecting it from hail and other elements of nature.

Each rural community is proud to present its harvest, various organizations, farms show their products – livestock, agriculture, and entertain the participants of the celebration.

Here you can find fruits, vegetables, teas, honey, bread, gata, assorted cheeses, and other delicious “exhibits”, the taste of which is accompanied by “fair” vodka made on the spot. This holiday gives an opportunity to agricultural producers to present their products, to be proud of the achievements of the year, and to sell them at below-market prices. The general joy և high mood is provided by the festive concert.

Cheese festival

An annual Cheese Festival is held in Tashir. The products of companies from Tashir and neighboring communities with rich cheese-making traditions are presented here.

The visitors of the festival have the opportunity to taste the presented assortment, to evaluate their qualitative and taste features. A feast of cheese, wine and sweets is organized, which is accompanied by a concert program, which makes the festival a lively, happy and long-awaited holiday for the participants and guests. The festival is usually held on October 14.

Rafting festival

Rafting festival is held in Tumanyan community. In recent years, the interest in this sport has grown considerably. And the overflowing and fast-flowing rivers of Lori give an opportunity to organize such a festival in the best way.

Mountainous rivers “help” lovers of extreme sports to develop extreme tourism in Armenia. Rafting is, so to speak, the most developed and most popular form in the world of adventure tourism. Holding the festival will contribute to Armenia becoming a country for holding international rafting tournaments in the region. Armenian athletes have already shown the best example of success in this sport. The festival is held on August 13-14.

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