Ijevan Capital of Tavush Province

Ijevan is the regional center of Tavush. The city is located in the valley of the Aghst River, surrounded by green mountains. According to historical sources, this place was a transit trade route in the 18th century, it had many roadside inns. At the end of the 18th century, the village of Caravansara (Ijevanatun) was founded here, which was renamed Ijevan after the sovietization of Armenia. It has received the status of a city since 1961, and the status of a resort city since 1991.

The wonderful panorama is inseparable from the sights of Ijevan, the city monuments: forested mountains, lush vegetation, alpine meadows. In 1962, the Dendropark was established in the city, where 650 species of trees and shrubs brought from different countries of the world, and adapted to these climatic conditions, grow. One of the unique “sights” of the Dendropark is nut tree grove, which, according to the director, is the only one in the world. The huge sequoia, which is 100 meters high, and also wild apples, lemons, quinces and many berries “feel wonderful” in this garden. Some of the trees that grow here, represent species which very few are preserved in the world.

The Dendropark is beautiful in all seasons. All the conditions have been created here for family rest, and to enjoy the wildlife. Ijevan is also called the “City of 100 Sculptures.” During the period of 1985-1988 International Sculpture Symposia, festivals and exhibitions were held here, during which the city was turned into a large studio-museum under the open sky. During the event, works by various sculptors took place in the city park, for which a Sculpture Park with 113 sculptures was established here in 1985. Ijevan city park is famous for its spruce trees park, due to the healthy air of which the park is a favorite place for the residents of Ijevan and their guests. Ijevan is famous for its unique carpets, which are among the jewels of the Armenian carpet art. Ijevanyan carpets were in great demand, they were exported to many countries of the world during the Soviet period. They stand out with their rich colors and unique ornaments.

Ijevan Wine and Brandy Factory continues to enrich the traditions of Armenian wine and brandy. The factory is constantly expanding the range, offering fine, pomegranate, blackberry and quince wines to lovers of fine wines. Ijevan is rich in churches and castles, which are the eloquent witnesses of the history of the region. In 7 kilometers from Ijevan is Armenia’s Yell Extreme Amusement Park which operates on the 7-hectare area of ​​Yenokavan village. Visitors to Yell Extreme Park can go horseback riding, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, zippering, paragliding, and admiring the magnificent nature of Tavush from the height of a bird’s flight. The initiative started in 2003 and is planned to be completed in 2025. Every year the park receives adventure tourists from different countries.

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