Lake Gosh

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The small, picturesque Lake Gosh, surrounded by lush, dense forests, is located in the heart of Dilijan State Reserve. It received its name from the village of the same name, which, in its turn, bears the name of the famous medieval writer and outstanding public figure Mkhitar Gosh (XII-XIII century).

The beautiful nature of this cozy paradise has made Lake Ghosh a favorite destination for tourists and locals. People often come here for picnics. The nature of Lake Gosh is especially beautiful in early autumn, when the foliage of trees become golden yellow and is reflected in the mirror surface of the lake, and the weather is dry and sunny. By the way, there are many attractions not far from the lake that are within walking distance.

The maximum width of the reservoir is 80 meters, the length is 100 meters. The depth of the lake reaches 8 meters, and the volume is about 1500 cubic meters. However, the data are not entirely accurate, since the water level was artificially reduced in order to clean the reservoir. Currently, the water level is maintained naturally: rainfall and natural sources. Even in the heat of the day, the water temperature in the lake reaches only 14 degrees.

You can see the ancient cross-stones on the way to the lake. The trail crosses several small forest rivers and picturesque meadows. The last of them offers a magnificent view of the Ijevan mountain range and precedes the entrance to the village Gosh. And about 2.2 km south-west of the village lies the beautiful forest lake Gosh. The path to Lake Gosh runs through a dense forest.

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