Dilijan Local Lore Museum And Art Gallery

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The Local Lore Museum and Art Gallery of Dilijan which was founded in 1920 by Serik Davtyan provides a comprehensive view of the history of Dilijan Region, the historical development of the local people, their way of life, material culture monuments, historical and geographical conditions.

The two-floor art gallery displays a great number of artworks created by Armenian and foreign artists. Especially interesting for the visitors is the collection of social realism paintings and sculptures. At the initial stage, all the items were collected in the town library. The museum building was originally built in 1926 to serve as a hotel, and later as a hospital. After a repair in 1967, it has been developed into the Local Lore Museum and Art Gallery of Dilijan. The old building was then demolished and, with the financial support of the city of Dilijan, the new museum was built. The official opening of the museum took place in 2010 and since April 1, 2010, it is open to visitors.

The museum enjoys great popularity. People of different ages, occupations and preferences visit the museum. Themed classes – excursions are held for students. In addition to excursions the museum organizes events and exhibitions.


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Dilijan, Tavush Province


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