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Shirak region is one of the 10 regions of the Republic of Armenia, located in the north-west of the Republic. The center of the region is Gyumri.

The entire territory of the region bears ancient historical traces, starting from the Urartian period: cuneiform inscriptions, castles, mausoleums, rock dwellings, and churches.

Lori region has a mountainous landscape, with a relatively humid climate. It is rich in rivers, forests, alpine meadows, springs, including mineral.

The region stands out with its wonderful nature, natural monuments, rich historical and cultural heritage, fortress cities, churches, medieval bridges.

Tavush region is rich in ancient historical and cultural buildings, handmade and natural monuments, forested mountains, caves, fast flowing rivers, lakes. The most beautiful of the latter is the Clear Lake, surrounded by a dense forest. The trees are so close to the lake that they are reflected in its clear waters, “painting” it with all the colors of the seasons – green, yellow-red, white.