About Shirak Province

Shirak region is one of the 10 regions of the Republic of Armenia, located in the north-west of the Republic. The center of the region is Gyumri. The entire territory of the region bears ancient historical traces, starting from the Urartian period: cuneiform inscriptions, castles, mausoleums, rock dwellings, and churches.

Shirak is rich in tuff, pumice and lime mines. The region has an airport, built in 1961, a railway station, built in 1897. Shirak region is located in 8-9 seismic zone by the Richter scale. Destructive earthquakes were registered in the region, in 1868 in Gyumri, in 1926 in Leninakan, in 1988 in Gyumri (epicenter – Spitak).

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