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The Sights of the city, Architecture, City Mood Black Fortress, Vartanants Square, Monuments And Churches

Enjoy not only Armenian but also Eastern European cuisine during this tour. Great places for anyone. They have food local to not just Armenia, but Gyumri specifically. They are clean, quiet, well decorated and most importantly, the food is flavorful and delicious.

Enjoy traditional Armenian cuisine and taste the most delicious food in Armenia during this tour. You can know what the most famous Armenian food is. And you will taste meat and fish preparing in a special way.

Ererouyk is a superb monument of Early Christian architecture, an architecture of great variety and distinction, today often subjected to neglect, if not willful destruction, in most of its original homeland around the Eastern Mediterranean.

In Gyumri you can find many museums and galleries. The oldest museum that still operates is the house-museum of Avetik Isahakyan, one of the most loved writers in Armenian Literature.

Enjoy one of the best hiking tours of Armenia. Our walking and hiking trips are led by the professional guides who know the most scenic trails and local secrets that elevate the adventure from an active vacation.

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