Reasons why you should visit Tavush

When it comes to things to do in Tavush, you’re really only limited by your imagination. There are excellent places to visit, including churches, lakes and hidden waterfalls, restaurants and activity centers, and so many ways to explore, such as tours, outdoor activities and self-guided itineraries.

Hear Tavush legends and tales, see striking cliff-top monasteries and discover hidden natural monuments, climb over the mountains and hills by one of the many hiking trails, enjoy fantastic views over the Dilijan National Park, participate in Tavush festivals, and eat in one of the an incredible variety of restaurants. Plan a day out or longer break with these great ideas for attractions in Tavush.

Where to go in Tavush

Tavush has an incredible variety of places to visit from historic monasteries to monuments, and national parks to custom-build museums and galleries. Churches and monasteries, museums and nature reserves, free things to do and family-friendly experiences – these are just a few of the attractions waiting for you in Tavush. Choose the places to visit here: Destination

What to see in Tavush

Whenever you visit, there’s always something new in Tavush. You can visit one of Tavush’s magnificent churches, or museums, Soviet time architecture or historical monuments, Old Dilijan complex in Dilijan or Yenokavan attractions.

What to do in Tavush

When it comes to things to do, Tavush is an incredible place known for its festivals and events, that’s why people travel from far to take part in the events. Honey and Berry Festival in Berd, Barbeque festival in Aghtala, and the International Festival of “Arts and Crafts” in the city of Dilijan, to name a few.

The latter festival is held in September since 2013. Join this opportunity to see in one place, during one day, exclusive exhibits of arts and crafts from all regions of Armenia: carpet art, embroidery, blacksmithing, fine arts, puppetry, national decorations, national costumes, etc. Participate in one of the master classes, eat delicious treats from the Tavush traditional cuisine and watch performances of the song and dance ensembles.

Other things to do: visit Caucasian Red Deer Breeding Center In Dilijan National Park, a species that had almost disappeared in the last century and now is being bred in this Center; try the zipline in Yell Extreme Park; be adventurous in the Verev Rope park, see the stanning views on Dimats Mount, and discover the amazing waterfalls and caves.

Popular day tour ideas

Joining a tour is an excellent way to explore Tavush – pick your transport, a theme or a length of time, and find your perfect break. On a guided tour you’ll benefit from the knowledge of expert guides, and on a self-guided tour you can take in the Region at your own pace.

Where to eat and drink in Tavush

There are so many great places to eat in Tavush that it’s really hard to choose, particularly if you have come for one day only. There is practically a restaurant for each taste.

You might have heard of the the traditional Tavush cuisine which is very diverse and delicious since fresh greens, peas, beef and pork are an integral part of it.

Here are some of the traditional dishes in Tavush.

Tavush borani is a favorite and popular dish. It is made with beef, prunes, chestnuts or walnuts, onions and spices.

Tavush stew is a favorite breakfast dish, which is prepared with roasted and ground wheat with “pokhindz”, oil, you can use yogurt, dry bread or milk.

Discover our fresh produce, regional delicacies and excellent range of restaurants, cafés and bars in Dilijan, Ijevan and other cities of Tavush.

Where to stay in Tavush

There is a big range of accommodations in Tavush – Dilijan, Ijevan, Yenokavan, etc.